hiv/aids program



HIV is one of the epidemics that is facing Kenya as a country, as much as the gov’t is putting resources out there to help curb this problem. It’s still requires more resources and more hands in to help create awareness and to help people infected and affected by HIV.


The HIV program mainly involves offering testing and counselling for free to people within the country. Sometimes volunteers will be required to travel to remote areas where it is a challenge for people to access such services. To make the program smooth for our volunteers wandering aardvarks liaises with Community Health Workers to help out when working with the community to avoid things like language barriers and understand cultural approach to any matters. With the program it is compulsory for the volunteer to attend a HIV training course where you learn how to run tests for HIV and to also offer counselling services to both the affected and infected the course runs for 4 weeks, 3 weeks of training and an exam after that, and 1 week of observed internship. After this the volunteer is certified to do testing and counselling anywhere in the country. For placement, we take our volunteers to various hospitals to work in their testing centers we also attach our volunteers to different Community Health Workers so that they can offer testing and counselling to different communities in the country. Every once a week we take our volunteers out for a home visit. A home visit involves visiting a family that has a member who is HIV positive, we then help with day to day house hold chores, cook a meal and share the meal with them. The volunteer together with the community health worker do a check up on the infected member and make sure they are taking any drugs prescribed to them.


The course fees is 250$ (price is subject to change due to the exchange rate).Our preferred institution for learning is East Africa Institute of Certified Studies.
-Fees covers the following:
1. Registration fee
2. Tuition fee
3. Examination fee
4. National HTS training manual and other handouts.
5. Practical resources materials like testing kits.


The first week the program fee is 300$ the break down is

  • 100$ placement donation.
  • 60$ airport transfer (pick up and drop off)
  • 140$ 7 days accommodation fee (20$ per night)

After the first week, each week that follows is 140$ per week for accommodation. Accommodation fee covers your hosting and 2 meals a day (breakfast, dinner and provision of clean drinking water in the house)

  • 250$ fees for the HIV course.
  • 10$ once a week after the course for the home visits.



  • A copy of a coloured passport size photo.
  • Copies of academic certificates to determine whether one is qualified to undertake the course.


  • Minimum time for volunteering is 5 weeks.
  • A lab coat to use during placement time in the hospital or scrubs.
  • Stationaries like pens and notebooks for the course.
  • No previous experience required.