medical programme


The medical programme is meant for qualified medical persons i.e. doctors and nurses etc. and medical students from all over the world. In this programme, you get to practice your medical skills and also get to learn from our local qualified doctors. It is one of the strictest programmes and requires a high level of discipline. For placements we take our volunteers to local hospitals both public and private as we try to make this a learning and eye opening time for our volunteers in this field. For medical students in our placement you under a qualified doctor so as to learn as much as you can and also for them to make sure that you are not involved or made to do anything that is beyond your ability. You will be required to produce paper work to prove that you are practicing medicine and you are in a certified institution from your home country. For qualified doctors they will be required to register for a license from the Doctors and Dentist Board of Kenya and for the qualified nurses they need to register under the Nursing Council of Kenya.


Our registration fees is 150$ per volunteer which is non-refundable. The fees goes towards covering the following: 

  • Dedicated support from a volunteer expert before and after arrival into the countr
  • Online volunteer training
  • Alumni membership (which means after your first trip you will not need to pay registration fee again)​
  • Certificate


The first week the program fee is 300$ the break down is:

  • 100$ placement donation​​
  • 60$ airport transfer (pick up and drop off)
  • 140$ 7 days accommodation fee (20$ per night)

After the first week, each week that follows is 140$ per week for accommodation. Accommodation fee covers your hosting and 2 meals a day (breakfast, dinner and provision of clean drinking water in the house)


  • Closed shoes are highly encouraged because moving around in Kenya is easier As our roads can be a bit rocky.​​
  • Provision of 3 emergency contacts from home.​​
  • Flight details once flight to Kenya is booked.​
  • Copies of academic certificates to determine whether one is qualified to undertake the course
  • Lab coat to use during placement time in the hospital or scrubs.