One of the biggest problems facing Kenyan cities is the rise in numbers of street families. Due to the high level of poverty in the country, most of these families have no homes or places to call home. The largest group of people living on the streets are children under 15 years of age. Some of the children have run away from their homes due to domestic violence and abuse from family members. 

The main aim of this program is to rescue as many children from the streets as possible and to provide them with support for drug addiction recovery, housing provision and ultimately reconciliation with families where in the best interests of the child. 

Once we rescue a child from the street, we introduce them to one of the orphanages we partner with who will provide them with accommodation and 3 meals a day.  These orphanages are selected because of their rehabilitation programs of which the child will be required to undertake.  It is a sad fact that most of these children will have developed a substance abuse addiction while on the streets simply as a mechanism to survive.

As the child recovers, we encourage them to consider reconciliation with their families. Together with the volunteer, we trace the child’s home and talk to the parents to make sure the child will be welcomed home with open arms. It is important to note that for this to happen we need both the child and the parents and/or guardians to allow us to continue monitoring the home life of the child until we are satisfied the home is a safe place for them.

Education remains the best option available to a child to lift them out of the cycle of poverty to which they were born.  Therefore, we also attempt during this process to place the child back in school.  As a volunteer, there is no obligation to provide this support.  However, it is most definitely an option to sponsor the child through their education. And it is, from everything we hear, one of the most rewarding aspects of this program.  As the sponsor, a volunteer will receive regular updates on both the progress of the child at school and at home.

The street program is a demanding program and requires a volunteer to be fully dedicated and be ready to face challenges they will meet. It is also quite an eye opener to help understand the privileges we have in life.


Our registration fees is 150$ per volunteer which is non-refundable. The fees goes towards covering the following:

  • Dedicated support from a volunteer expert before and after arrival into the country
  • Online volunteer training.
  • Alumni membership (which means after your first trip you will not need to pay registration fee again)
  • Certificate


The first week the program fee is 300$ the break down is:

  • 100$ placement donation​
  • 60$ airport transfer (pick up and drop off)​
  • 140$ 7 days accommodation fee (20$ per night)​

After the first week, each week that follows is 140$ per week for accommodation. Accommodation fee covers your hosting and 2 meals a day (breakfast, dinner and provision of clean drinking water in the house)


  • Closed shoes are highly encouraged because moving around in Kenya is easier As our roads can be a bit rocky.​
  • Volunteers are encouraged to bring any donations on their trip i.e stationery clothes, sanitary towels and candy is an added advantage. Any playing games are highly welcomed.​
  • It is very important for a volunteer to bring their spirit of adventure.​
  • Provision of 3 emergency contacts from home.​
  • Copy of passport and visa.(can be provided after you get into the country)​
  • Donations of any sporting gear is also welcomed.​
  • Flight details once flight to Kenya is booked.​
  • Travel insurance (mandatory)​